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AIIMS MBBS 2018 Mock Test Series and Online Practice Tests

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Dipsita Hati (Hooghly) 23 May 201819BiologyAIIMS MBBS Test 2
Aami (Malappuram) 23 May 20181BiologyAIIMS MBBS Test 2
Arjun Bs (Kozhikode) 22 May 20180BiologyAIIMS MBBS Test 2
Abhilasha Singh (Agra) 20 May 20185BiologyAIIMS MBBS Test 2
Bharat Kauhsik (Jaipur) 18 May 20183ChemistryAIIMS MBBS Test 2
Kudsiya Bano (Ajmer) 17 May 201835BiologyAIIMS MBBS Test 2
Neha Yepuri (Khammam) 16 May 201810BiologyAIIMS MBBS Test 2
Sayed Ahmed (Aligarh) 15 May 20183BiologyAIIMS MBBS Test 2
Kudsiya Bano (Ajmer) 15 May 201821PhysicsAIIMS MBBS Test 2
Kudsiya Bano (Ajmer) 15 May 20184PhysicsAIIMS MBBS Test 2