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How to Apply KEAM 2016 Online Application

Online submission of KEAM 2016 Application

The detailed instructions for filling each item in the application are the Prospectus and in the link, “How to Apply” provided on the websites and

There are 7 steps for the online submission of application and all the steps are mandatory. Candidates should complete all steps and should send the signed printout of the online submitted application along with the necessary certificates and documents so as to reach the office of the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations on or before February, 2016.

Candidate has to visit the website where he / she can find the link “KEAM 2016 Online Application”.


Step 1 : Candidate Registration

This is a one time procedure. During the process, candidates will get a system generated Application Number. Candidates are requested to enter their own password when demanded. Preferably a strong password is recommended. It ensures the candidates’ safe online activities.

The requirements of a strong password are :

  • A minimum length of 8 characters
  • A minimum of one alphabet character [ a-z or A-Z ]
  • A minimum of one number ( 0-9 )
  • A minimum of one symbol [ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ]

The candidate has to re – enter the password for confirmation.

There will be a Security question and candidates should provide an answer to it. For further login, candidates have to note down all the information provided during this stage.


Step 2 : Candidate Login

Login is required to proceed through all other stages of online submission. In order to login, candidate should provide Application number and Password.


Step 3 : Filling up of Application

All the basic information, required at the Office of the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations are to be filled in at this step. Before filling the details, read the Prospectus carefully.

The data provided here will be used for processing the application. Any mistake in filling this sheet or providing false / incomplete / wrong information will affect the candidate’s eligibility for admission or claim for reservation under any category. It is obligatory that the candidate should fill all the items in the application.

Candidates should click the ‘Save’ button to save the entries made so far before proceeding to Step 4. At this stage the candidate can login, view and modify the details provided. Candidates should take utmost care while filling the Online Application. Applicant should ensure that the data provided are correct.


Step 4 : Final Submission of KEAM Application

This is also a one time procedure. If candidate is sure that the information provided in step 3 is correct, click the link ‘Final Submission’.


Step 5 : Payment of KEAM Application Fee

At this step candidate has to provide payment details of application fee.


Step 6 : Printout of Kerala Engineering Architecture Medical Application

Candidate should take a printout of the online submitted application which contains all the information provided during step 3 and step 5. Candidates should get the Course Certificate and Nativity Certificate provided in the application.


Step 7 : Send the Printout of application and supporting documents to the Commissioner for Kerala Engineering Architecture Medical Entrance Examinations

Affix a photograph of the applicant with 3.5 x 4.5 cm size same as the photograph uploaded on the online application duly attested by the Head of the Institution which he / she studied last or by a Gazetted Officer. Candidate should affix the left hand thumb impression in the space provided in the printout of the application. The applicant and parent should sign in the specified areas on the printout of the application and attach supporting documents / certificates and send to the following address so as to reach the addressee on or before the last date specified for submission of application.

Office of the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations,
5th Floor, Housing Board Buildings,
Santhi Nagar,
Thiruvananthapuram – 695 001.

Applications should be completed in all respects. A candidate will be considered for the Entrance Examination or for admission, only if he / she has furnished the relevant certificates prescribed in the Prospectus, in proof of eligibility, or in support of any claim for reservation, under any category.


The procedure of Kerala Engineering Architecture Medical ( KEAM ) online submission of application will be completed only after the printout of Application and supporting documents / certificates are received in the office of the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations. Candidates are directed to keep a copy of the printout of completed application form for further reference.


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