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NEET phase 1: Biology saves the day for Jaipur students


Many students, who appeared for the National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) Phase 1 in Jaipur on Sunday, said the physics section was difficult and described the biology section as a cakewalk.
“The question paper was not lengthy therefore I was able to attempt all the questions. Biology was the easiest portion for me,” Mukesh Kumar, an applicant, said.
Many students said that the numerical questions in the physics section were tedious in the question paper carrying a total 720 marks with 240 marks each for biology, physics and chemistry.
“For me, physics was the most difficult as I struggled with the numericals but overall my paper was good,” Sarvagya Sharma, another applicant, said.
The first phase of the common entrance test for medical and dental courses was held in 65 centres across Jaipur amid stringent security measures deployed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to deter wrongdoings during the exam.
The education board prohibited entry of outsiders inside the school campus and frisked students using metal detectors and light torches. The measures come in the wake of a cheating scam during the All-India Pre-Medical Test (AIPMT) test last year.
Applicants were not allowed to carry bag, pen, pencil, eraser, pencil box, earrings, amulet, scarf, handkerchief, calculator or any electronic/Bluetooth devices inside the centre. Applicants were asked to bring only their admit cards and a passport photograph. Students were also asked to appear in half sleeves shirts and slippers.
Many parents waiting for their children to complete the paper, had no respite from the severe heat and complained about the lack of space for them to take shelter from the scorching sun.
“There is so much shade and shelter inside the school campus but parents have been forced to wait outside the main gate for three hours under the scorching sun. CBSE officials should have done something about it,” Bhanwar Meena, a parent waiting outside Maharani Gayatri Devi School, said.
The Supreme Court had refused to amend its day-old order last week and reiterated the common entrance test for all medical colleges would take place in two phases despite the Centre’s U-turn on holding the exam.
The apex court said the AIPMT, held on Sunday, would be the first phase of the NEET. The second phase of the nationwide common medical entrance test will be held on July 24.
Many students said their friends who had not opted for the AIPMT and were writing NEET Phase 2 were at an advantage as they would have more time to prepare.
The CBSE had clarified that students who had opted for the AIPMT would not be allowed to write NEET Phase 2 if they were absent for the Sunday’s test.
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Physics (180)
Top Rankers Not Found.
Chemistry (180)
Ruthika Reddy Ruthika Reddy (Kadapa) 82
Biology (360)
Sofiya Khan Sofiya Khan (Hyderabad) 205
AIIMS MBBS Tops Rankers
Physics (60)
Shiva Lenka Shiva Lenka (Sirsa) 22
Anusuya Biswal Anusuya Biswal (Cuttack) 22
Chemistry (60)
S RR S RR (Chennai) 32
Shiva Lenka Shiva Lenka (Sirsa) 6
Biology (60)
Garima Kumari Purohit Garima Kumari Purohit (Berhampur) 39
Shiva Lenka Shiva Lenka (Sirsa) 35
Sreelakshmi.S Sreelakshmi.S (Manjeri) 33
astha rani astha rani (Ambernath) 30
Dheeraj Manohar Bhosale Dheeraj Manohar Bhosale (Satara) 21
General Knowledge (20)
Top Rankers Not Found.
JIPMER MBBS Tops Rankers
Physics (240)
Rajeena Biju Rajeena Biju (Kottayam) 10
Chemistry (240)
Hrekimi Hrekimi (Aizawl) 7
Rajeena Biju Rajeena Biju (Kottayam) 5
Biology (240)
Ishita Agarwal Ishita Agarwal (Meerut) 175
Venkatesh45 Venkatesh45 (Salem) 151
Khushi Mutha Khushi Mutha (Aurangabad) 105
Khushi Mutha Khushi Mutha (Aurangabad) 76
Soundarya Soundarya (Salem) 74
JIPMER BSc Nursing Tops Rankers
Practice Test Paper (80)
Roopwati G Roopwati G (Faridabad) 57
Nidheesh Sankar Vm Nidheesh Sankar Vm (Thrissur) 55
Sarumathy Sarumathy (Puducherry) 52
Shagun Ahluwalia Shagun Ahluwalia (Chandigarh) 43
Joseph Sibi Joseph Sibi (Ernakulam) 36
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Sample Paper (120)
Yamini Warkhade Yamini Warkhade (Bhopal) 86
Pooja Sahu Pooja Sahu (Ghaziabad) 58
Savita Dhiwar Savita Dhiwar (Raipur) 40
Priyanka Kumari Priyanka Kumari (Patna) 5
Rohit Sagar Rohit Sagar (New Delhi) 3
AIIMS BSc Nursing Tops Rankers
Physics (30)
Top Rankers Not Found.
Chemistry (30)
Roopwati G Roopwati G (Faridabad) 14
Biology (30)
Dheeraj Minocha Dheeraj Minocha (Faridabad) 21
Meenu Maria Meenu Maria (other) 14
frety m paul frety m paul (Thrissur) 13
Aswin Mahesh Aswin Mahesh (Alappuzha) 13
Rathana Kumar Rathana Kumar (Puducherry) 11
General Knowledge (10)
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Physics (25)
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Chemistry (25)
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Biology (25)
Dheeraj Minocha Dheeraj Minocha (Faridabad) 18
Anchal Rapotra Anchal Rapotra (Kangra) 16
Aradhana Pandey Aradhana Pandey (Gorakhpur) 6
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Sample Paper (120)
Yamini Warkhade Yamini Warkhade (Bhopal) 102
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Physics (100)
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Chemistry (100)
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Biology (200)
Dheeraj Minocha Dheeraj Minocha (Faridabad) 144
Christina Christina (Varanasi) 16